Academia Azteca

Academia Azteca provides educational and socio-emocional support to both youth and adults, with the ultimate goal of uplifting and empowering families. 

Niñas del corazón

The after school program, Niñas del Corazón, has the mission to help Latinx girls (8-15 years old) and families to heal from acculturation, language barriers, environmental high-risk factors, and disparities. El Concilio and The Community Healing Center joined forces to design a program to benefit Latinx girls; through a four-stage program, adolescents girls will have the opportunity to get in deep conversations about social-emotional skills, life skills, and good choices as well as engage in community volunteer work. Parents will also be included since they’re a key to healthy youth development. Thanks to the Kalamazoo Community Foundation that believes in this unique initiative,  Niñas del Corazón is a year-round program. There is no other similar program in the Kalamazoo area. Niñas del Corazon is unique because of its target population, inclusiveness, bilingual nature, and evidence-based training.

Danza folklórica

Danza Folklórica is a space for youth to connect and explore their Hispanic roots; It started a year ago as an initiative of two young college sisters who are passionate about teaching traditional Mexican dances. Currently, a mom who is a leader in the community is running this group, teaching Mexican dances to about 17 boys and girls between 4 to 15 years old. Their goal is to perform these dances at different community events as a way to share the Hispanic traditions with new people. Another goal of the Folkloric Dance group is to strengthen their goal-directed behavior as well as their self-management skills.

Aztecs fC

What started as a pilot program for youth in 2015 is now a soccer academy that provides new opportunities for kids in our community. The academy teaches kids great values and good health habits. There is minimal cost for registration, which provides an opportunity for many of our low-income families to participate. The community and El Concilio are working hard to continue this academy and its efforts for many years to come.

The parents, volunteers and children are witnesses to the success of the creation of this academy. There are no words to express the joy of the kids, or of the parents when they see their children play. We invite you to be part of something great for our community. Your support is important to the Aztecs FC. Your sponsorship will give the opportunity for more children to be a part of the great sense of community our league has to offer.

Tutoring Program

The Tutoring Program is an after-school program designed to help children in the Latino community with their homework or any other academic assistance they might need. Our main partner of the Tutoring Program is Omega Delta Phi Fraternity from WMU. Members from ODPh are the main providers for the program. Tutors are able to help with Math, Reading, English, Spelling, Science, History, and many other subjects as well. Talking about events in South and Central America, as well as Hispanic leaders and cultures around the world is encouraged.

To encourage personal success, as well as the success of others around the student, it is the student’s responsibility to remain respectful of other people’s property, and especially to respect and respond to the instruction of the teacher. Students are expected to be positive and encouraging towards their peers. Students will avoid the use of foul language towards each other and towards instructors.

Spanish as Second Language for Professionals

El Concilio currently offers intermediate level Spanish classes for professionals interested in developing proficiency.

If you have some experience but you are not sure if the level is the right fit for you, don’t worry! The first class is free.

For more information please contact Juliana Hafner at

ESL (English as a second language) for adults

In partnership with the Kalamazoo Literacy Council and Kalamazoo Public Schools Adult Education, El Concilio is hosting ESL classes at our building!

Are you interested in signing up for summer classes? Calls us at (269) 385 6279


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