For over forty years, El Concilio of Kalamazoo
(formerly the HispanicAmerican Council) has been providing critical programs and services
to a growing Latinx population in our region.


El Concilio’s mission is to promote a thriving and empowered Latinx community, whose members are equipped to preserve the distinct cultural identities within that community and are given the proper tools to reach their full potential.

The Hispanic/Latinx population of Kalamazoo County has increased by nearly 50% over the past two decades, currently accounting for 13,500+ residents – 5.2% of the county total population. These community numbers are projected to continue growing at a similar pace over the next ten years. As our reputation for success builds along with our community’s population, we find we are limited in other areas, often struggling to keep up with the demand for our programs and services to the Hispanic community. We have outgrown our humble beginnings
at St. Joseph Catholic Church, and have an increasing need for a dedicated and more visible facility that will allow us to serve a wider audience, with the potential to generate additional income through a variety of business plans.

With this in mind, our Board recently initiated a plan to move our headquarters to a new location that can meet our
needs for more visibility, ample space for programs, and efficient facilities that will allow our staff and volunteers to thrive. We estimate that moving and renovating a new space will cost approximately $5,500,000. El Concilio is always continuing their efforts to build collaborations, support, and advocate for other local community outreach programs. Groups such as ISAAC, NAACP of Kalamazoo, Outfront, and KYDNET have expressed interest in joining us in our new home.


Pre-school programs for young children

Educational and after school programming for school-aged students

Life skill resources for adults in our community

Translation and interpretation services

Bilingual mental health services

Other programs designed to enrich the lives of the Latinx community


Last year, we served over 7,000 local residents and demand for our services is rising rapidly. Unfortunately, our home at St. Joseph Catholic Church is no longer available to us and we must find a new location for our staff and clients.

After months of planning and research, we’ve identified a new space at 2501 Millcork St., in Kalamazoo, that will be ideal for our new home. It will provide more space, greater visibility and will allow us to offer lease opportunities to other Kalamazoo based organizations that are seeking to relocate.

We’re now launching a $5.5 million campaign to help fund the purchase and renovation of this facility. We also hope to use this fundraising effort to invest more in our programs and to help seed a small endowment for the future of El Concilio.

Offering important services and programs to a growing and vibrant part of our community is crucial to our success as a region. Over the next several months we’ll be approaching our friends and supporters to seek their help in making this dream a reality. We hope you’ll join us in supporting the Fulfilling the Promise for All campaign as we seek to inspire every member of our community to live their best life!


Adrian Vazquez-Alatorre

Executive Director

Maria Diaz

Board President

Sandra Calderon-Huezo

Board Vice President

Susan Hernandez

Board Secretary

Fidel Salas


Board Members:

Luis Garcia

Angel L Gullon-Rivera, Ph.D.

Emiliano Cortez

Diana Hernandez

Phil Cruz

Mark McKeon

Ariel Castillo

Rachel A. Viñales

Fanny Fernandez

Lana Escamilla

Emeritus Board Members:

Lissette Mira-Amaya

Bob Ezell

Robert Flacheir

Cabinet Co-Chairs:

Sandra Calderon-Huezo

Angelita Aguilar

Cabinet Members

Maria L Diaz

Lissette Mira-Amaya

Denise Crawford

Charlea Davis, PhD

Wendy Fields

Sister Rita Ann Teichman

Chris Praedel

Stephanie Hoffman

Marylou Light

Michael Evans

Sherry Thomas-Cloud

Nicole Blum

Patricia Villalobos

Robert Ezelle

Jonathan Salazar

Honorary Cabinet Members

Dr. Jorge G. Gonzalez &

Suzanne M. Gonzalez


El Concilio’s Fulfilling the Promise for All campaign is seeking $5.5 million in community philanthropy to achieve three important goals:

You can help us achieve these important goals by supporting our campaign through:


CONTACT:  Adrian Vazquez | | (269) 385-6279.

Our Vision

A thriving Latino community, equipped to preserve distinct cultural identities within the broader community.

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